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Too much estrogen: Causes, Symptoms and treatment (Comprehensive review)

There are various hormones in our body. One of the most important of these hormones is estrogen, also known as the female hormone; but too much estrogen in the body can cause some problems.

For the body to be at its best, there must be a certain balance in this hormone. Estrogen is present in both women and men, but is higher in women.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive review of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of estrogen dominance using the latest research. We have also introduced foods, supplements, and home remedies that reduce estrogen levels in the body.

We also examined the association between estrogen levels with anxiety, weight loss and weight gain, menopause, and cancer.


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1. What causes too much estrogen?

Hormonal imbalances can occur in our body regardless of gender. The body can generate estrogen in high levels along with low levels of another hormone, including testosterone and progesterone.

Also the use of medications can cause too much estrogen. We can classify causes that increase the levels of this hormone in our body as follows:

  • Antibiotics
  • Disease related to liver
  • Obesity
  • Certain herbal
  • Natural remedies
  • Phenothiazines that are prescribed for treating some disorders in the case some mental illnesses
  • Ovarian tumors


2. Symptoms of too much estrogen in the body

In this section, we summarized high estrogen symptoms, which commonly increase when it is at high levels for both human’s brain and body. These symptoms can be worsened with stress. Many women state that they tolerate (in their thirties) severe symptoms because of too much estogen . In the following, some estrogen dominance symptoms are introduced:

  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Unusual  menstrual periods
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Breast swelling and tenderness
  • Loss of hair
  • Water retention
  • Headaches
  • Cold feet and hands (can be a symptom for thyroid dysfunction)
  • Fatigue
  • PMS
  • Troubles in sleeping/insomnia
  • Gaining weight and fat especially  around the hips and also abdomen,
  • Slow metabolism
  • Loss of memory
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Mood swings


Symptoms in women

Your body can show symptoms if levels of estrogen and testosterone are not balanced. Potential symptoms that may be in women’s body are: reduced sex drive, headaches, loss of hair, weight gain, troubles in sleeping, memory issues, cold hands and sometimes feet, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), bloating, fibrocystic lumps in your breasts, desultory menstrual periods, mood swings, anxiety and panic offenses and issues in breasts like swelling and tenderness.


Symptoms in males

Estrogen can be made in man’s body.  Balancing the level of this hormone helps to appropriate sex growth. High estrogen symptoms in men’s body are infertility, gynecomastia, and erectile dysfunction (ED). We have introduced these factors as follows:

  • Infertility:
    Estrogen plays an important role in the production of healthy sperm. Levels of this hormone can affect the sperm levels and when it is high, can fall sperm levels and cause fertility problems.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED):
    When estrogen in men’s body is high, it can make problems in getting and maintaining an erection.
  • Gynecomastia:
    The growth of breast tissue can be stimulated by estrogen. If men have high estrogen levels, gynecomastia increases and causes larger breasts.


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3. How to treat naturally?

too much estrogen

Reducing the levels of stress is known as one of the most appropriate things that is useful for too much estrogen.

In addition, since this hormone commonly stored into body’s fat, thus, losing excess weight can be a good option to decrease space of storage.

Drink clean water can also help to control the level of hormone. However, due to existing different pollutions in the drinking water, using a water filter is a good idea. Saunas also can be selected as a proper way.

Because chemical materials can mimic estrogen within the body and increase its level, using beauty products is not suggested.

At the end, hormonal birth control has severe negative effects on estrogen levels.


4. Home remedy to reduce estrogen level

In this regards, drinking fluids such as coconut juice, green vegetables juice, clean water, etc can reduce estrogen levels during the day. Fluids can significantly reduce toxins.

Juicing green veggies can quench your thirst and pump phytoestrogens in your body. Lemon and green tea provide antioxidants and vitamin C, which can decrease oxidative stress of our body.

Anti-inflammatory diet is also a good choice. For a half of year, you have to leave refined carbohydrates, bad fats, shun sugar, etc. from your diet and add protein, good fats, natural herbs, low-glycemic fruits, complex carbs, fermented foodstuffs and so on.

This anti-inflammatory diet can naturally reduce hormone problems.  Physical activity can also be greatly beneficial. Activities like running, playing, jogging, and so on can be helpful.


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5. Foods high in estrogen

too much estrogen

The following article, we have introduced some foods that increase your estrogen levels. Soy can boost the levels of this hormone in women’s body. There are different soy foods like soy milk and soy yoghurt that can be consumed.

Fruits like strawberries and also peaches are very healthy, and are rich in phytoestrogen. You can decrease the risk of stroke, heart diseases, and cancer with peaches.

In addition, strawberries reduce the obesity risk and improve the health of skin and hair. However, strawberries and also peaches can cause too much estrogen in your body.

Nuts like walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios in raw or roast forms are known as great estrogen sources. In addition, dry fruits like dried dates, apricots, and prunes can boost the levels of this hormone in our body.

Fruits are fully accessible and have a significant value of phytoestrogens. Moreover, red wine has high amount of phytoestrogen and can improve the female hormones function.


6. How to lower estrogen levels with supplements?

too much estrogen

Vitamins (like D, E and B3) in your body, can be utilized as effective substances in balancing the production of healthy hormone. You can use some vitamins to have a healthier body.

Vitex may be used due to its ability in balancing female hormones. It can use to adjust the estrogen levels and can help fertility and menstruation. It is also known as successful treat for too much estrogen problem. Scholars have suggested 20 drops of the tincture three times a day.

Maca herb can also increase fertility and reduce estrogen for both women and men. The suggested dose is around 500 to 1,000 mg and three times a day.

Based on the previous research, calcium glucarate can improve the excretion rate of estrogen of the body. Glucaric acid can be found in vegetables and some fruits like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, apples, and grapefruit and is a supplement and a phytochemical compound.


7. Too much estrogen and weight gain

weight gain

Estrogen may highly influence human’s weight and fat amount stored in the body. Low estrogen level is the reason of weight gain.

For women, fat can be stored during menopause in different body’s areas and can significantly vary by level of this hormone. Scholars have found that reducing it at midlife can be associated to an enhance in ventral fat.


Weight loss and estrogen levels

As previously stated, level of estrogen can affect women’s body weight. When it is low, the body uses less sugar so can lead to weight loss.

On the contrary, too much estrogen in the body will cause to use more fat and it can leads to weight gain.

If you have too much estrogen in your body, exercise and using a healthy diet can be helpful to decrease the weight amount.


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8. Low estrogen and anxiety

Scholars have stated that estrogen can influence on anxiety and also depression. Women who are close to menopause  are most affected by these disorders in comparison to postmenopausal women.

An effective way to change the level of hormone is medications like Premarin. But it can have different side effects like increasing anxiety and also depression.

Estrogen can change our body state and play different roles in our body more than the sexual organs. Amount of this hormone in the body can affects on the breasts, hair, blood vessels, pelvic muscles, urinary tract, brain, bones, skin, heart and mucous membranes.

Women who consume foods with high estrogen during late menopause and early postmenopause have significantly lower depression and anxiety in comparison with other women.


9. Estrogen foods for menopause

Scholars recently stated that phytoestrogens can improve women’s menopause symptoms. Foods like grapes, green and black tea, peanuts, soybeans, flax seeds, plums, chickpeas, barley and berries naturally include phytoestrogens.

In comparison to those who consume placebo, postmenopausal females that consume soy (as a supplement) for a few weeks have around 15% more levels of estrogen.

In a different study that scientists considered 15 tests for 3 to 12 months, it is found that phytoestrogens within isoflavone soy and red clover can reduce hot flashes without any side effects.


10. Too much estrogen and cancer

All type of cancers are sensitive to estrogen; and  estrogen dominance will cause the cancer to be worsen. In order to block cells of cancer for binding to estrogen, the doctor has to prescribe some effective medications.

Tamoxifen can be a suitable choice. Moreover, the doctor can suggest an aromatase inhibitor. It can hold the estrogen synthase from change of androgens in estrogen and consists letrozole (Femara), anastrozole (Arimidex), and exemestane (Aromasin).

When one has a type of cancer, the doctor may suggest oophorectomy (a type of surgery) for removing ovaries. The estrogen in female bodies is almost produced by ovaries, so removing the ovaries can cause to balance the estrogen level. When cancer of ovarian or breast is at high-risk conditions, the doctor should propose oophorectomy.

Three conditions that you can be at very high risk are: (a) there are a family history  of cancers of breast and ovarian, (b) there is a positive test result for mutation in  BRCA1 or BRCA2  gen (c) there is a positive test result for mutation of other genes, which can be associated with the risk of cancer.

Taking both ovaries, which are exposed to dangerous cancer, can decrease the breast cancer risk about 50% based on trusted source in the National Cancer Institute (NCI) . For this purpose, the doctor can also utilize treatment by radiation to deactivate your ovaries.


Foods that decrease estrogen

Red and also orange vegetables (and some fruits) are known as a source of beta-carotene and a precursor, which is utilized for creating vitamin A in human’s body.

Due to high value of beta-carotene, consumption of mango, sweet potatoes, squash, melon, and carrots is highly recommended. These can be useful to reduce growth of the estrogen receptor positive and negative tumor cells of breast.

High beta-carotene levels can decrease the breast cancer risk by around 50%. Soy and soybean have high value of estrogens with weak activity in humans and high phytoestrogens.

Weaker estrogens may bond to the receptor of estrogen onto cells of ovarian and breast. Researchers have suggested that utilization of cruciferous broccoli and cabbage vegetables can reduce the risk of breast cancer from 20 to 40 percent.

In addition, they stated that breast cancer risk of women who consumed cooked cabbage was significantly reduced and suggested constant consuming the cabbage for long periods of time.

Some other scientists stated that high fiber that includes in specific foods (like oats as well as grains) are useful to block harmful estrogens. A switching to use whole grains can improve overall human’s health and reduce estrogen.



Estrogen is known as the initial female sexual hormone. It can adjust the reproductive system of females and the properties related to sex growth.  In this article, we have reviewed the effects of foods on level of estrogen and their advantages and disadvantages for females and males.

However, if you are experiencing some symptoms of changing estrogen level that mentioned above, you have to visit and consult with your doctor. Doctors may help you to better detection of symptoms .

In order to treat high levels of estrogen, you can use upper mentioned foods or other different ways in home. They may help to decrease your symptoms and subsequent problems.

Doctor can prescribe some medications or sometimes surgery for you, or encourages you to have a proper diet. In the case of medication, if treatment by undergoing hormone has not proper effect and high estrogen is remained in the body, the doctor should change treatment plan.


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