Hypothyroid diet plan for weight loss

Hypothyroid diet plan for weight loss

An important ingredient in weight loss is the proper diet. For people with hypothyroidism, if thyroid deficiency is not treated promptly, weight loss becomes more difficult. Because one of the thyroid functions is the regulation of metabolic function.

Making small changes to your diet can help you lose weight successfully. If your diet is controlled, weight loss becomes more easier.

A good diet for hypothyroid

To improve your hypothyroidism by using a proper diet, note the following:

  • Use of anti-inflammatory foods: These foods help reduce depression. Using an anti-inflammatory regimen also helps improve the immune system.
    Substances such as magnesium, vitamin B, zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamin C are useful in this regard. Green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, nuts, fruits, and olive oil are also useful for combating inflammation.
  • Avoid Refined Sugar and Carbohydrates: Using refined sugar and carbohydrates increases inflammation in the body. But it’s emphasized on calorie intake.Because low calories cause sterility and reduce the production of T3 thyroid.
  • Do not overlook the proteins of milk and eggs: these two foods are rich in protein and vitamin B12. Milk is one of the sources of calcium.You can have milk in your diet twice a day. If you have high blood cholesterol, eat only eggs several times a week.
  • Considering daily calorie intake: It is advisable to consume daily calorie intake of everything that you eat and drink. This will help you to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet that contains healthy fats, low carbohydrates, and modest protein helps lower thyroid levels.
  • Increase the number of meals and reduce the amount of each serving: It can balance your blood glucose.Do not overeat in any meal.
  • consume legumes and soybeans: beans, lentils, and soy are sources of protein for vegetarian diet. You can use two servings of beans or soy per day. It is better to use soy products a few hours after taking thyroid drugs.

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