Adrenal fatigue symptoms in males

Adrenal fatigue symptoms in males

The response of men and women to stress is different. In women usually symptoms such as overweight, intense appetite for some of the ganglia and reduced ability to cope with stress appear. But in men, there are different signs.

Testosterone is the male hormone which regulate libido, erection function, and muscle growth in the men’s body. This hormone is affected by cortisol. According to studies, when cortisol is secreted, testosterone levels are reduced.

If a man is in constant stress, the level of cortisol will surely increase in his body and testosterone will decrease. Therefore, they lose their sexual and muscular strength.

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue in men can include:

  • Fatigue during the day
  • Hard sleep
  • Sensitivity to infection
  • Stress and depression
  • Joint pains
  • The desire for salt and sweetness
  • Pain in the waist
  • Sexual problems
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Disorder of erection function

It can be addressed with proper exercise, good diet and stress management.

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