Adrenal fatigue and weight gain

Adrenal fatigue and weight gain

Many people are overweight, tired, anxious, and depressed. They think these symptoms are related to thyroid disease, while they may have adrenal fatigue.

The relationship between obesity and stress is very important. Adrenals are usually associated with overweight. Therefore, this problem is usually correlated with the imbalance of cortisol (the stress hormone created by the adrenal glands). Increasing the release of cortisol causes overweight.

It should be noted that having an adrenal problem or adrenal fatigue is different. The term adrenal fatigue is more relevant when cortisol levels rise. Increasing cortisol increases energy consumption. cortisol supports stress tolerance by increasing energy and increasing blood glucose levels.

By increasing the intake of calories and fats, the body creates fat deposits. These fat deposits are mostly in our midsection. Increasing obesity is also a serious risk factor for heart, brain and kidney disease.
Besides, increased cortisol affects thyroid function.

Using an appropriate diet can help maintain your blood sugar during the day. Using appropriate proteins and healthy fats in each meal are recommended. Also, the use of vitamins C, B, and magnesium can help to protect the health of adrenal glands.


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